Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lagooned 2008

A Conch, a Starfish and a Tiki
What I did on my winter break from College

my co-director asked for a tiki for the play and Maddie was home for a month over winter break. I asked her if she could do it and she designed one. Puck helped her figure out a superstructure for it, but the rest was all hers. She put in many many hours carving Styrofoam and molding chicken wire and fabric mache. Not too shabby for a freshman.

I asked if she could make a starfish out of some papier mache I had and she said she could do it easier out of chicken wire. I said fine, but could she make a conch. She took up the challenge and molded one out of wire. She did it too quickly for me to get a picture of her progress on that, but I did get the finished project. They both will get added to the dunes Puck is building for the show.

The tiki I was able to get pretty good progress pics on and you can see how it came to be. We are very proud of her and it looks like the local library will make a home for it.

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