Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Fair Lady 2007

Maddie played the part of Mrs Pearce the housekeeper in this show, but additionally got to sing and dance in all the big ensemble numbers. She had a blast with this show. Her cockney outfit needed to cover her Mrs. Pearce costume so we used one of her Rendezvous skirts, which suited the period quite nicely and had a nice drawstring waist all ready for a quick exit. She had found the cute little hat a year ago at Goodwill and the scarf was one her dad used to wear when he was a lad (very vintage now) I found the Edwardian ladies coat on EBAY and got it cheap because it was a little moth-eaten. This was not a problem for the cockney character, but it was a little long and we wanted the skirt to show and swing in the dances so I folded up the bottom and hemmed it up.

It is a great coat though and Maddie wears it as a real coat now. Her friends in the cast teased her about looking a little too Mary Poppin's like but it was good natured teasing

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