Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Fair Lady 2007

The hat was my biggest challenge in her costumes. I wanted to make something so spectacular it would astound. I found a fabulous fake bird at the half price Christmas sales and spray painted the heck out of it to get it from green to white.

I sent away to Australia for ostrich plumes. It was just a cheap to ship several so I bought quite a few. I ended up using most of them. I started with a large straw hat that I sprayed black and then I would test various arrangements of feathers and ribbons on the hat. This went on for almost a month and finally I bit the bullet and started attaching things. Curling feathers around and gluing the bird into place settled in a nest of polkadot ribbon.

All in all it turned out fabulous. I had to buy a 12 inch hat pin in order for her to keep it on her head and still show her face, but it is the best and most extravagant hat I have attempted. I hope she can wear it again sometime and that it doesn't just sit on a hat stand forever

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