Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Fair Lady 2007

Mrs. Pearce's main costume was a beautiful bittersweet silk shirtwaist and skirt that I found on EBAY. I know I am getting a bit redundant about EBAY, but it really has been a lifesaver. Between that and Goodwill and the local resale place I am able to find pretty much everything I have needed for shows.

Any how the dress was stunningly beautiful, but the silk lace of the bodice was completely shattered. I asked the seller if she thought the colored part of the outfit would hold up under real wear and she said it was in very good condition. I took and chance and bought it.

I carefully removed all the shattered silk from the bodice and cut new lace using the old as best I could for a pattern. I had to do a little alteration from the original design, but I was able to be true to the costume and it came out beautifully.

It took me a couple weeks to finish, but it was well worth it and suited Mrs. Pearce to a T... then when I found the robe in that chocolate brown it was perfect.

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