Friday, February 1, 2008

It's a Howl 2006

This was a fun little play about a high school for werewolves. It had loads of colorful characters and I pulled my main trick of multiplying characters. One gypsy became four, a couple wolves turned into a large pack and two friends became a crowd. We do our best to cast everyone who auditions and wants to be on stage. we usually lose about 10 per cent once they find out how much work is entailed, but most stick it out and enjoy each other and the experience.

Puck did an excellent job of giving us lots of levels and entrances and exits for our characters which really helped get all those people off and on and keep them visible. He is very good at inexpensive sets that look fabulous. He let's his middle school crew do their own work and does not go back and touch up what they have done. He tries to work within their capabilities and lots of kids who would not have a extracurricular spot to be in have found a home in drama.

I had fun loading up the lab with beakers and glassware that I filled with colored seeds and marbles. I even got a huge glass bowl and filled it with tennis balls for the coffee table since it was a home for were wolves. I don't know how many members of the audience got the joke, but I thought it was hilarious.

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