Monday, February 4, 2008

My Fair Lady 2007

Nosegay of Violets for Eliza's flower basket

I was helping out as best I could for the show and had been searching for violets for Eliza's basket everywhere. No one else was able to find any either so finally in desperation I decided to make some. I searched my over flowing house and came up with the design using materials I had

I am pretty proud of how nice these turned out. It is a little frightening that I had all the materials lying about the house... I cut the little petals out of felt; I poked fine gauge green wire through a small bead and then poked the two ends through the petals. I then wrapped 15 blossoms together along with some silk foliage I clipped from a bigger plant using florist's tape... this is the prettiest one, but they look very nice on stage :)

I made 5 bundles of violets and they are now displayed on my dining room table awaiting a future show

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