Sunday, February 3, 2008

Broadway Lullaby 2007

This was another show where I doubled up a couple characters to add more actors. We also increased the orphanage tenfold... because we had so many orphans I really wanted something special for their big Broadway flop. I decided on pinafores. That way any of their costumes could be covered up by the pinafores and the big group of the would be uniform. Some very good friends help make the pinafores and then I jazzed them up Broadway style by putting glittery patches on them. They looked pretty good up there.

Puck designed another nice multi level set for us. I learned in this show that I could use fabric iron on adhesive to iron on paper labels to make my old trunk look like it had traveled the world doing Vaudeville. I later found out that it worked a little too well when I tried to remove those labels for The King and I. I think steaming them would have been better.

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