Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Fair Lady 2007

Maddie was able to change costume for the ball so I could make this gown a little fancier. She still needed to be able to get out of it rather quickly though.

I had the basic gold gown on hand. It was a sheath dress with a very pretty Egyptian motif (tone on tone). I bought some lace for an over-skirt and found a lace jacket that looked good over the top. The sleeves were not quite right so after some hesitation I slashed them and beaded the edges. I thought the over skirt would look nice with the same treatment so I went ahead and beaded that as well.

Beading really doesn't take all that much time and adds such a nice glitter and weight to the garments. I topped it off with gold gloves and a lovely simple tiara. I remembered a lovely period buckle I had bought a long time ago at an auction. It was gold with turquoise acorns and was a great addition to the costume. She also wore my aurora borialis rhinestone costume necklace. Ironically she had used it as a prop when she played a thief in Sherlock Holmes and had to lift the necklace off a wealthy woman. She practiced and practiced with that necklace until she almost could have stolen it for real.

My costume jewelry collection has been quite useful for the stage

the dress was very pretty when she moved. Unfortunately when I dropped off Maddie's costumes and the costumer for the show saw her dress she decided the rest of the girls needed to be jazzed up as well. They went a little nuts embellishing the ball gowns and I altered a couple of them to give them a more period style. I had not intended to do that much work on the play other than contribute my daughter's costumes, which was quite an effort on it's own.

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