Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Fair Lady 2007

this is the Ascot dress I put together for Maddie. I found the black and white spotted dress at Goodwill and took the full skirt off. I then attached it to a black on black patterned satin skirt that I made from scratch to fit her. I found the Edwardian Jacket on EBAY and added black spotted cuffs to the jacket that were a counter to the spots on the bottom of the skirt.

Because the whole thing needed to fit over the top of her Mrs Pearce costume we used a white scarf to cover up the bodice of her normal dress. She wore black satin gloves as well. I made the fake parasol using some lace I had lying around and a dowel we found in the basement and sprayed white.

The Hat set it all off beautifully and it was my second favorite of her costumes for the show. I put in a great deal of work on her costumes for that show, but since it was her last one in High School I wanted her to be perfection on the stage

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