Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lagooned 2008

Here is my best costume. I kept hounding the actor to see what she was going to wear. finally I realized that she was having trouble so I racked my brain to think of something that would work. I finally went through my closet and looked for a dress that I really wasn't wearing anymore. I grabbed that and then though of my biking tights that had the cool jungle print. I brought them in and through the dress on Audrey. I again grabbed my trusty shears and while they were getting notes I slashed the bottom of it while she turned on the stage. It came out pretty cool. I had already made the headress and wristlets and anklets out of rafia and the collar. I macramaed those. I had gotten the color from the outreach and they were the only two colors available. They turned out to be exactly the same colors of her costume and that Puck painted the set with. I love serendipity.

I also love that she wore her glasses :)

I found the cool bat at Goodwill too. I think it is some kind of souvenier from Mexico, but it looked very cool

Here is a picture of the set with the tiki in a spot it did not occupy during the play. We just moved it out for the newpaper picture

I like this picture of our captain and miss buford

Lagooned 2008

Here are the Devine Sisters and Honey.. Honey is a little bit of a thing so I hiked up her dress with some single thread shirring. I made the cuffs and collars for the girls and decorated the sailor hats with little beads. They turned out very cute

This was one of my favorite scenes. Cody has to fight with this giant lobster. I found this lobster at Goodwill three years ago shortly after I had read the play. Thinking it would be doubtful to find another anytime soon I bought it and it has been on Maddie's bed since then. Glad I finally got a chance to use it. I love when the little old ladies come out and ask him what he is doing?

Here is our Ben Gunn characters... we had the beard and wig left over from an evil wizard costume and it worked great for him. He made his costume himself, but had left the pants rather long. I asked him if I could chop them off some more and he said yes. I got out my trusty weapon and slashed his pants.

I loved how my old ladies came out. They were so pretty in their costume and it was a complete coicidence that their umbrellas matched their dresses. They would wander across the stage occasionally and comment on things. We used them to clean up little critters that Cody had unstuck from his costume as well while they were gathering seashells by the sea shore

This is another costume I found at goodwill. Had a little problem convincing her that the hat looked good, but we finally came to an agreement

Lagooned 2008

Here are our wonderful Pirates. the big guy is autistic and a pretty good actor. Most of the pirates are wearing costumes that I had in my attic. The leader of the pirates is wearing a coat that Maddie got at the Whitewater Theater costume sale. I had to add a pocket so he had some place to keep his loupe
Mrs Withers is wearing a dress of mine as well and is holding the stuffed dog Napoleon she carries with her because she is allergic to fur woof woof
here are the island princesses. Our lead princess asked me if she was going to get a prop. "after all I am the freakin Island Princess" so I made her a crown of flowers I found that dress at Goodwill long before the show. She never really cared for it, but it looked great on her
Nurse Jane and Trixie were great. the nurses costume is a lovely vintage cotton uniform that I found on EBAY when I was hunting for things for Harvey. The zipper was funky on it and so I had it replaced. It really is a lovely dress and has pin tucking all across the bosom. Trixie is wearing some great pants that I found at Goodwill and was glad to finally get to use. I found some great shoes there too with clear acrylic wedges. The top I stole from Maddie's drawer and the actress added the hat and sunglasses. I sewed them to the hat so they wouldn't fall off and then we hair sprayed the glasses to cut down on the glare