Sunday, January 20, 2008

Alice in Wonderland 2005

It is the little grouping of mushrooms that we kept. Puck gave the big one to the catterpiller :) I made that costume years ago for myself to wear to one of our Halloween parties and I am ever so glad I kept it all these years. That pictures with the hookah and caterpillar is being added to the huge mural at the High school to represent Drama. There is a picture of the Queen of Hearts too along with a couple images from My Fair Lady. I thought it was pretty funny that they chose the Hookah picture for school even though it is made out of a piece of lamp I picked up curb shopping and a candle holder I got at Goodwill. The chair Maddie is sitting in was another curb find and has been in a couple more shows since.

It took me 4 tries to get that black cat dyed black from the white it originally had been. The poor little kitty looked pretty awful for a few weeks. Maddie still has it on her bed and don't even get me started on flamingos. They all came home and there is one in almost every room of the house. Maddie took one to school as well.


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Spidey said...

thanks for sharing the pictures.

you are so talented.