Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jabberwock 2004

Jabberwock is a great play written about the young life of James Thurber at the turn of the century. It is sentimental and very entertaining. One of the most interesting aspects of the play is that little hole in the wall where a progression of "Aunts" appear and speak to different topics. They have all sorts of opinions about how the world should work and how it used to work when they were alive.

It was challenging to costume them in their various periods. One aunt played two separate rolls. She is the one in the portrait shown.

Grandpa constantly commented on his Post Toasties. It took a great deal of searching to find a period picture of a Post Toasties box from 1915 or thereabouts and turn it into a prop. I think I finally found a good picture on EBAY

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