Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Once Upon a Mattress 2000

Once Upon a Mattress was the second play that our Methodist Minister put on. Godspell was the year before, but I never got any pictures of it. We helped with costumes and the set on that one.

Puck was the technical director for Mattress and Maddie and I helped him build it. It was challenging to build that great high bed in an extra low ceilinged theater. I believe it was the last play ever done in that theater before our Performing Arts Center was built.

He made the mattresses by carving into foam and tucking fabric in to look like stacked up mattresses.

I painted the stone along with Maddie's help and some other students. Maddie hung around so much they gave her a part in the play by adding a chamber maid. I made her costume for the show and up until a few years ago it still fit her. She was so funny in the part.

One performance when they were doing their dance a large weight was left on the stage. It was a prop weight that said something like 100 lbs or something on it. Well Maddie knew it did not belong where it was so she picked it up like a feather and moved it off stage. It was funny, but we chided her about not remembering that it was supposed to seem heavy.

One thing that she insisted that we paint was a tiny mouse hole with a mouse peeking out at the bottom of the castle walls

this was the first of many castles Puck and I were to paint

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