Friday, February 9, 2007

Dairyland Darlings vs the Glamor Glitter Gang 1995

This was a play that Maddie's kindergarten teacher wrote a grant to produce. It was an anti drug and peer pressure play that she wrote. Unfortunately she did not have a clue how to produce it. I had been doing some volunteer work in the class and so I volunteered myself and Puck to help out. It had been some time since we had done any theater, but Maddie had been cast in the show as the leader of the Glamor Glitter gang (the baddest baddie in the bunch) Puck donated some bicycle boxes to make the set and we had the kids draw trees on them, then dip their hands in paint to create the leaves (they had a wonderful time)

I helped with the glamor glitter costumes. I always love a little bling. Maddie still has those pants and that glittery top. In fact I think she still occasionally wears the top. The wigs were weird plastic sixties ones that I had when I was a kids and ended up in the dress up box that I inherited (thanks mom)

The show was a wonderful success and was Maddie's first real time on the stage. She has always been a fearless actor, but a serious one even at the age of five.

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